Curiousity or strange facts about ANA
Life (Radio Edit):

The single LIFE features 2 tracks, Life (Radio Edit) and Life (Instrumental).
While in other singles like We Are or Don't Cry For Pain the Radio Edit have different mixes from the Album Verion, here it seems to be exactly the same version available on both CDs.
After accurate listenings of the two LIFE versions (album and radio) it results that they're the same version (according to me).
And so this is the reason I didn't put a snippet of it in the tracklist section.

Different cover for Cuz I Can:

There are 2 covers for the 2004 album Cuz I Can. They're similar, but present some little difference.
Once presents the white "ANA - CUZ I CAN" positioned on top of the ANA red logo while the other one has it positioned a bit lower.
The first version is darker than the other, but maybe it's caused by a bad scan.
The red ANA logos are of different sizes.
This let us think that there are two different releases of the album, maybe for date or country.
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Lyrics of unknown songs:

Searching for Ana's lyrics on some sites, sometimes you can find unknown songs coming out. The most common:
 - One More Night
(* It's a song by Ana Rodriguez taken from her 1987 album titled ANA - click here)

 - Every Time We Say Goodbye
 - Maybe It's Now

I don't know were this songs are coming from, anyway there is no link between Ana and this songs.
If someone knows the original singer of these songs, please contact me, so I can update this page.
You can read them here: LYRICS


Black Hole & I'm Stupid... Fake Singles?

Many people emailed me asking if I know something about the release of those singles, of wich the covers are available on many sites. But surfing on the net it's easy to find fake pictures or jokes.

The Black Hole cover is authentic and is taken from iTunes or other digital download sites.
The song was released as a digital single in late 2004. No back cover has ever been released (or I've never seen it).

I'm Stupid is quite sure a fake one. Anyway, these are the reasons that let me think so:
 - Searching for it on eBay or Google returned no results.
 - It uses a well known pic of Ana taken from an official photoshot. This could be OK for Black Hole (that is a japanese bonus track) because sometimes b-sides or bonus tracks are released in other countries as exclusive or promotional singles and since they're some kind of secondary-importance releases, there is no much work behind the cover artwork.
So it seems strange that for a brand new single the label didn't use a brand new picture.
 - The font used for the "Ana Johnsson" logo printed on the cover is uncommon, since they used the same font for every official singles selected from the album The Way I Am.
 - There is a code on the sticker of I'm Stupid: 96244 26 96. No search engine is able to find useful results for it, as it happens for the codes printed on official singles.
 - The tracklist reported is:
    1. Im Stupid
    2. Im Stupid - Live
    3. Coz I Can - Live
    4. Lost Love
Usually when a live track is featured on a single, date and place of the performance are well explained on the back or in the interior. Being a "square" cover, let me think it is a sleeve CD single, so it has no interior design. Lost Love (track 4) is an unknown song and nobody has ever told us to have listen it.

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