26/10/2006 Communication:
please do not email me asking to send you the new album in mp3. I'm sorry for denying your requests but I CAN'T and DON'T WANT to do this. It's the only way to support Ana.
As an Ana fan and supporter I really can't, I hope you'll understand my position.
Anyway, you can buy Little Angel on the site www.cdon.com by clicking on the EU flag, they ship worldwide as I know.
Any further email of this kind will be ignored.

4/10/2006 Added lyrics for "Catch Me If You Can" "What If" and Little Angel...

20/10/2006 Sorry for the problems with my site, I'm fixing some things... guestbook will be re-available soon.
Added lyrics for "Exception", "Break Through Time" and "Burn"
Two days ago I received Little Angel and got to say that is a great album. The songs Break Through Time and Catch Me If You Can are my favourites, I hope that they will be released as singles.
also, Still is a great surprise, more complex than what you can hear in the snippet and the same is for Playing God, that after the first chorus let space to a great rockin' guitar. Maybe this is the best Ana Johnsson's album.

10/10/2006 Updated tracklist and discography.
Prelisten to the new album Little Angel in the tracklist section!!!

09/10/2006 Discograpy updated with Exception cover e tracklist.

08/10/2006 Updated discography with compilations section.
Updated store section and Exception video (alternate version).

07/10/2006 Updated the sections: Curious, Tracklist and Links

05/10/2006 Watch the Exception video!

Added 2 forum avatars to the download section

01/10/2006 Added snippets for ALL songs in the tracklist section!

30/09/2006 New gallery added. Tracklist updated
New song released: "Fate" (Bleak feat. Ana Johnsson)
This song is the main theme of the new movie Jade Warrior and Ana sings on it! See the video on the official movie site: www.jadesoturi.net

Also visit the artist official site here: www.bleakmusic.com

See the video on www.youtube.com

16/09/2006 The next single will be EXCEPTION.
It will be the main theme for the movie Exit by Peter Lindmark (coming soon, 6 October 2006) View the trailer here:

Finally released the artwork cover for Little Angel (click on pic to enlarge)
Also added cronological order to discography section

As reported on the official site www.anajohnsson.se the new album will be released on October 11, 2006 (instead of 20/09/2006)

www.anajohnsson.se is online!!!
Added new gallery and corrected lyrics for
Days Of Summer and Falling To Pieces

Added partial lyrics for Days Of Summer
(Thanks to Luigi-ish for contribution)

15/08/2006 minor updates to Links and Curious pages

14/08/2006 Lyrics added for All The Way
and Days Of Summer video edited by Luigi-ish

10/08/2006 Lyrics added (Falling To Pieces)

Added the CURIOUS section

added the STORE section: buy Ana CDs!!!

Listen a preview of the new single,
Days Of Summer, in the DOWNLOAD section

Added 2 new photos in the gallery

19/07/2006 Tracklist updated

New single released: DAYS OF SUMMER


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