Style: Karate
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 78 kg
November 25th, 1971 (Age: 34)

The grand master of the Kadonashi Dojo. In pursuit of the "American Dream," he came to the United States from Japan and
opened a karate dojo. He is not fluent in 
Demo version: Kadonashi, Seth and Rod are wearing different outfits

Demo version: Kadonashi performin a typical Brad Hawk's grapple

Once you use arcanum SPA,  Kadonashi will perform different moves. Let's see how his attacks may vary from normal to arcanum:

< Normal Status >
Neutral: 2 punches, kick
High: spin kick
Middle: 2 punches
Low: low spin kick or, if opponent is on the ground, low punch


Neutral: stunning punch
High: flying kick
Middle: double jumping kick

Neutral SPA:
rotating kicks (uses 2 bars)
Middle SPA: jumping uppercut (3,5 bars)

> Arcanum Status <
Neutral: 3 punches, axe kick, kick, jumping spin kick
High: spin kick, 2 punches, spin kick
Middle: 3 punches, uppercut
Low: low spin kick, punch, high spin kick
or, if opponent is on the ground, backflip


Neutral: sideflip kick (hit opponent on the ground too)
High: side high kick
Middle: jumping spin kick

Neutral SPA: jumping uppercut (3 bars)
Middle SPA: 9 hit combo - must be closed to opponent (uses 3,5 bars)

Grapples and other unlisted moves aren't subjected to variations