Here are some people I wanna thanks for my Urban Reign experience:

and all its crew for made this game, and before Urban Reign, Tekken.

for creating Playstation and Playstation 2... and 3 of course.

My friend Dario "Gattonashi" Scordari
for helping me to discovery all the moves and secrets of this game, playing hours and hours with me in practice mode. He's the one who's trying to be the "Best Urban Reign Player"
...but that title is mine, lol!

Luca "The Master" Pagnoni, Francesco "Mbare" Scordari and Leandro "Leo" Tufano
for the hours spent to play Urban Reign in Multiplayer Mode.

Kevin Dinglasan
(aka KDKM0506 / InspectorK / IJCSpeedKing)
for the first and most complete Urban Reign guide/walktrough.
Part of the cheats & secret section on this site are taken from his guide.

The site
for inspiring me in the layout creation of this site.
The most of the pictures I used were taken from that site.

for creating the top-banner of this site.

All the players who bought an original version of Urban Reign
inviting Namco to make a sequel to this game.

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Urban Reign Tribute