There are five types of Status-Spa, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple.
What about their effects on the character?

RED: "Power Up"

Higly increase the power of your attacks
Lasts 20 seconds

YELLOW: "Super Armor"

Reduces damage and keeps you from staggering
Lasts 15 seconds

BLUE: "Concentration Up"

Automatically executes a deflection or
a grapple break (when possible)
Lasts 10 seconds

GREEN: "Arcanum"

The fighter will be able to perform different moves, combos, grapples or SPAs
Lasts 30 seconds

PURPLE: "Combination"

Power Up effect (all but Napalm) in addition to other effect but for a shorter time. 
Secondary SPA depends by character -->


Purple SPA special effects are:
Law, Paul: Red+Green+10 hit combo 20 sec.
Napalm99: Yellow+recover life bar 10 sec.
Golem: Red+Yellow 10 seconds
Lin Fong, McKinzie, Bordin: Red+Blu 7 sec.

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