What about Urban Reign 2?
The most frequently asked question is: will NAMCO release a sequel for this game?
We really hope that the answer is YES and we try to explain what we'd like to find in UR2.


Here is the list (random) of what the fan are waiting for:

- All characters should return
- Brand new characters will join the group
- Better balanced and NO useless characters
- Aternate outfits for everyone
- More females (I don't really need them, but many people demand this)
- Characters editor (will edit body/outfits/stats/moves/SPA)

Fighting System:
Team-Grapples should be breakable by an external player (now a team performing one is invulnerable)
- More difficult way to escape from an air grapple (they are UNUSEFUL at the moment, simply press square with/without any direction to escape from)
- Character will go OUT OF BREATH if the player run too much around the stage
- Random slides if a running player rapidly change direction (as seen in Ehrgeiz)
- Different moves by pressing a button and holding it down
- Different grapples (faster/less damage and slower/more damage) performed by pressing and releasing or holding down the triangle button.
- Multi-Linked-Grapples (as King or Nina in Tekken) for some characters with possibility to escape at every new linked grapple (performing the right direction + square button).
- Less common grapples for different characters (many of them has the same)

- What about a pair of nunchaku?
- Weapons could be founded on the ground in some stages
- Pick up furnitures or casks and use them as occasional weapons (trow them against opponents)

Background Interaction:
- More interaction with the stages expecially in Story-Mode
- Stairs and different grounds from wich you can throw away an opponent or fall down

Generic Implementations:
- On-line game
- More stages in Multiplayer Mode

Miscellaneous ideas about new moves for certain characters:
- SPA Grapple for BIG characters: instead of a blow he will do a short step forward trying to grapple the opponent/opponents. Then will perform an ULTRA VIOLENT grapple
*example 1: take the opponent from an ankle and repeatedly slam him on the ground from left to right, then launch him in the air!
*example 2: take the opponent from the neck and run against a wall, then repeatedly crush his head on it before trowing him away


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