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Mission movies / Very Hard / S-Rank

Mission: Character: Notes:
99: Closing In Bordin Zero Stars!!
98: Monster Slayer (round 3) Alex No Partner
98: Monster Slayer (rounds 1-2) Alex No Partner / Maximum Stats
97: Disembowelling Alex No Partner
89: An Unexpected Call Jake
87: Capture Reggae
86: Return Of the Monster Colin

63: Mr Popularity (2 rounds)

Law - Park

59: Wrath


Characters presentation / combo movies


5 airgrapples


extra strike by
McKinzie and Glen


combo movie #1
Brad Hawk


combo movie #2
Lee Shun Ying


combo movie #3
Dwayne Davis


combo movie #4
Jake Hudson


combo movie #5
Glen Kluger


combo movie #6
Tong Yoon Bulsook


combo movie #7
Kadonashi Shotaro


combo movie #8


combo movie #9
Alex Steiner


combo movie #10
Dae-Suk Park


combo movie #11
Chris Bowman

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