If you want to survive in this game, you have to cooperate with your partner in a smart way by taking advantage of the different situations. In certain missions, another fighter controlled by CPU will join you for the battle.
You can give him instructions while playing or even take full control of him and leave the CPU to control your main character (Brad).
Here is the list of the commands:

By pressing R2 (and holding it pressed) you will ask the partner to temporary come closer to you (useful when you want to perform a team grapple).
Pressing R2+Triangle use this to ask you partner to come closer and help/defend you.
With R2+Circle you'll tell him to stay away from you. He will attack an enemy that you're not fighting with.
this will let you control your partner, while the CPU will control Brad. Please note that if Brad is controlled by the CPU and goes KO the mission is lost anyway, it doesn't matter if you are still standing.
By pressing R2+Square, this command will pass your currently equipped weapon to your partner or he will pass his weapon to you (also available in multiplayer mode

There is a cheat code that allows player 2 to control the partner (see the cheats section).
In this case, only the R2+Square command (weapon exchange) will be available.


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