20/09/2007 Missions 59-87-89 added to the videos

19/09/2007 New video, Mission 99

16/09/2007 uploaded more than 60 avatars in the gallery section

08/09/2007 Forum added!!!

04/09/2007 Gallery updated

01/09/2007 S-Rank Mission 63/86/97/98 videos added to the Movies section

26/07/2007 Two new videos in Movies section

01/04/2007 Paul and Law pages added
and Gallery updated

18/03/2007 Characters page updated (Kadonashi Dojo / Mushin-Kai)

16/03/2007 New CHEAT CODE to select same character

22 Feb 2007 added detailed informations on Kadonashi's page (ARCANUM SPA)

23 Jan 2007 Added McKinzie profile

21 Jan 2007 new videos page added

09 Jan 2007 updated cheats page and Kadonashi page with demo version pictures.

14 Dec 2006 added "ideas submit form" in the sequel section"


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